Fire Point Stand - Double with Back Board

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  • The original Double Trolley
  • Space for 2 extinguishers and a Fire Bucket
  • Pre-drilled holes for a Rotary Alarm Bell
  • Robust powder coated steel frame
  • Nylon wheels

Our extremely robust steel framed extinguisher trolley is powder coated for ultimate resistance to severe conditions. Designed to accommodate 2 extinguishers up to 9kg size, rotary alarm bell (holes pre-drilled) and a fire bucket. Ideal for construction sites, petrol filling station forecourts and many other applications. Can be adapted to hold CO2 extinguishers, and a backboard for mounting of signs and other equipment is easily fitted.

This Double Trolley is designed for applications where no Fire Bucket is required. It has a large steel backboard for mounting of alarm equipment, signage and a range of other options.

It boasts an extremely robust tubular steel frame, powder coated for ultimate resistance to severe conditions. Ideal for any application where a mobile fire point is needed. It can easily be adapted to accommodate CO2 extinguishers.