Fire Extinguishers for Restaurants

For restaurants, fire extinguishers are essential because of the nature of the environment and working conditions so it is crucial to have the correct fire extinguishers in place as using the wrong extinguisher can escalate a fire and put lives at risk. Every establishment is different, so will require different extinguishers but in general only a wet chemical extinguisher is safe to use on fires involving deep fat fryers. Foam extinguishers will help with general fires including rubbish and furnishings, as well as flammable liquids while CO2 extinguishers are the safest method on electronic equipment. Water extinguishers are ideal in the areas where your customers are situated. Powder extinguishers are versatile and lighter, but as they can affect visibility and breathing, should be mitigated by a health and safety risk assessment if specified for indoor use   If you cook al fresco on a BBQ, have a powder extinguisher or a fire bucket full of sand nearby in case things get out of hand.