The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO) regulations stipulate that all employers must provide a working means of fighting a fire at their business premises (usually in the form of a portable fire extinguisher). The BS 5306-3:2000 standard states that these extinguishers should be regularly maintained by a competent person at least once a year.

Regular Servicing: portable fire extinguishers should be serviced at least once a year; regular servicing is also crucial in premises where high-risk processes are carried out. The date and the results of the service have to be recorded on a label on the extinguisher itself as well as on a separate written report that should be kept in a safe and accessible place on the business premises.

Type Basic Service Extended Service
Water Annual Every 5 years
Foam Annual Every 5 years
Powder Annual Every 5 years
Wet Chemical Annual Every 5 years
C02 Annual Replace Every 10 years

Extended Service: The extended service is a 5 yearly legal requirement. Following discharge testing, valves & gauges are checked and replaced if required, the interior & exterior is inspected for damage / corrosion & the head cap o ring replaced. The extinguisher is then re-filled & pressurised to specification (excl. CO2).

Defect: if any problems or defects are identified during the service, the extinguisher will be considered ‘unsafe for use’, marked ‘condemned’, made safe and should be immediately removed from service.

Checking Equipment: regular visual checks of portable fire extinguishers should also be carried out in between servicing to ensure all equipment is in full working order.

Extinguisher Servicing and Charges - The Facts

Given the importance of having your fire extinguishers serviced, it’s equally important to ensure that the servicing is carried out by an accredited company and at a fair price.

To help you to identify the best fire extinguisher servicing company for your needs we have developed a servicing comparison chart.

Ethical Servicing Companies
Price List & Servicing Costs Will include all basic spare parts needed for the service and a complete price list available upon request.
Customer Focused Engineers Engineers are not commission based and work under strict guidelines to ensure that the customer is given the correct information to make decisions.
Gauge Dot Gauge dots will always be included within the basic servicing cost and will not be added to your final bill as additional extras.
O-Ring O-rings will always be included within the basic servicing cost and will not be added to your final bill as additional extras.
Tamper Seal Tamper Seals will always be included within the basic servicing cost and will not be added to your final bill as additional extras.

It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure all fire extinguisher appliances are maintained and serviced annually by an accredited and reputable company. Failure to do this could have serious consequences when attempting to contain a fire i.e. the extinguisher does not perform the task as it should, if at all.

At Hartson Fire, we work with our customers to ensure their fire extinguisher servicing takes place on a regular basis and in line with the frequency set up out in the RRO standards.

Through state-of-the art software, we have in place alerts which advise us when customers’ equipment is due to be serviced or replaced.

Our fully accredited engineers carry out the highest standards of extinguisher testing and maintenance and can also provide guidance on the placement and use of equipment and signage.

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