Fire blanketsA fire blanket is used to control fires that may not be easily extinguished. Maintaining a blanket for emergency fire situations in the office or other commercial premises could possibly save a company thousands of pounds in office equipment replacement - or even someone’s life.

A fire blanket is essential in cutting off a fire’s oxygen supply. This will prevent the fire from spreading to other areas within a structure. A blanket consists of materials that are non-flammable. In most cases, the initial response of a fire victim is to attempt to extinguish the fire with water. However, certain fires may require the use of a fire extinguisher or blanket. The blankets are easily stored and do not require maintenance.

It is highly recommended that a fire blanket is kept near electrical equipment within an office setting as many fires are started by shortages in the electrical system or from faulty electrical wiring. These blankets are most commonly utilised for extinguishing electrical fires as these fires cannot be extinguished with water.

About Fire Blankets

Technically a fire blanket can be used on Class A, B and D fires, which are those fuelled by ordinary combustibles such as wood or paper, by flammable liquids like oil or gas and by combustible metals including magnesium and titanium.

This is why all fire blankets should have an ID sign so people can understand what to use them on safely. They work by cutting off the oxygen supply (oxygen is one of the three elements that a fire needs to burn) and smothering the fire.

Fire Blankets in the Home

Fire blankets are also advisable for use in the home, particularly if you use electric fires to heat your home instead of central heating.

Ideally, every home should have a fire blanket somewhere, preferably in the kitchen. They can be use when a chip pan has overheated for example.

Importantly, a fire blanket can be used when exiting a burning building, wrapping it around the for added protection if there are flames between people and the exit.

Fire Blankets in Commercial Premises

Every commercial building should have a fire blanket, and everyone needs to know where it is stored and how to use it much like a fire extinguisher.

As a fire blanket can be used to oil and grease fires as well as electric fires, they are ideal for use in garages where oil and gas spills may occur.

Using a Fire Blanket

Generally, a fire blanket is stored in a canister close to the areas of high risk of fire.

When it comes to using a fire blanket, whether in home or at work, firstly and most importantly you should turn off the gas or electricity supply to the building.

Then remove the fire blanket from its container and hold it by the fabric straps.

To prevent burns on the hands and arms, make sure you wrap the top edges of the blanket around your hands to protect them. You should also roll up your sleeves, so they do not catch in the flames.

Carefully cover the flames with the fire blanket, making sure that you cover the whole area so that you can effectively cut off the airflow and extinguish the flames.

Under no circumstances should you touch the fire blanket or anything underneath it until at least an hour has passed since the fire was extinguished. If the fire is larger than the blanket, do not attempt to put it out.

You should then leave the building and call the fire brigade, even if you think the blanket has extinguished the fire.

Hartson Fire

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