It’s beginning to feel a lot like Winter!  And even though fire safety should be a priority for commercial business owners throughout the year, protecting fire equipment in winter brings its own challenges. 

According to our supplier Checkfire, if fire extinguishers are not protected from adverse weather conditions they can become damaged and, worst case scenario, in low temperatures the contents of the extinguishers could freeze.  Any of these issues can result in the equipment becoming faulty which would be dangerous should a fire occur.

Fire Safety Cabinets

Business owners need to comply with the BS 5306 Standards which apply to the installation of fire extinguishers.  These standards are designed to ensure fire extinguishers are protected at all times to avoid any type of damage including corrosion due to the weather. 

If any of your extinguishers are located outdoors or in a location which is susceptible to wind, rain or snow, then the best way to protect them is to invest in a storage unit like our double, lockable cabinet which is manufactured for external use.  As with your internal fire extinguishers, those housed outside also need to be clearly labelled and positioned in line accordance with your premises’ fire risk assessment.

Fire Safety  Signage

Despite cold and wet weather, you should still hold regular fire drills to make sure you have the systems and processes to keep staff, customers or visitors safe.   In addition to holding these regular drills, you should also ensure you have the correct safety signage in place to show fire doors, safe exists and meeting points.

At Hartson Fire, as well as extinguishers and cabinets, we also stock a complete range of fire safety signs to meet the needs of any commercial premises.   You can see our full range here.

Hartson Fire

On a final note, as well as the measures listed above, it is vital that all of your fire safety equipment is fit for purpose through regular checks and annual servicing.  If you’re fire equipment needs servicing or replacing, call us today on the number below: