Fire extinguisher trolleys can be of huge benefit in constantly changing environments such as construction sites and at outdoor events. In these evolving situations,  the approach to fire safety must be fluid as equipment may need moving about or changing which is why portable fire extinguisher stand are the ideal solution.

According to the HSE guidance on fire safety in construction, most construction site fires in the UK are likely to be “high-consequence events”. This means that many people could be at risk from fire and/or smoke in the event of a fire spreading rapidly, demonstrating the importance of responsive fire safety measures in construction settings.

Why Invest in a Fire Extinguisher Trolley?

A fire extinguisher trolley is a wheeled metal stand designed to store and easily transport fire extinguishers and other vital fire safety equipment, such as fire buckets. A fire extinguisher trolley should be robust enough to withstand harsh environments, and easily manoeuvrable to ensure anyone using it can move essential firefighting equipment to where it needs to be, as quickly as possible.

Fire extinguisher trolleys are integral to mobile fire safety, which involves ensuring fire safety equipment is readily available and easily transportable in settings that require it. This is especially important for construction sites but also applies to outdoor events, exhibitions and markets, and petrol station forecourts, for example. Essentially, mobile fire safety is vital in any environment that changes layout regularly, or in areas where fixed fire safety equipment, such as wall-mounted fire extinguishers, is not practical.

Additional Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Trolleys

Other plus points of using a portable fire extinguisher trolley extend far beyond improving the accessibility of firefighting equipment. Additional key benefits include:

  • Compliance with British Standards: BS 5306-8 stipulates that while fire safety equipment must be readily available and accessible, it should also be adequately protected from damage or tampering. Thanks to their robust composition, durable steel frame and large nylon wheels, wheeled fire extinguisher trolleys provide safeguarding and improved accessibility to fire safety equipment, ensuring compliance.
  • Compact storage: no matter how small the area, fire extinguishers must be made available and accessible where required. This robust steel framed extinguisher trolley for example is powder coated for ultimate resistance to severe conditions. Designed to accommodate 2 extinguishers up to 9kg size, rotary alarm bell (holes pre-drilled) and a fire bucket. Ideal for construction sites, petrol filling station forecourts and many other applications. Can be adapted to hold CO2 extinguishers, and a backboard for mounting of signs and other equipment is easily fitted.
  • Effortless transportation: alongside fire extinguishers, many fire extinguisher trolleys can store additional life-saving equipment, ready to be efficiently moved should the situation require it.
  • Vital information display: the importance of fire safety signage and other potentially life-saving information should never be overlooked, and it’s vital that it’s clearly visible so that people know exactly what to do in the case of an emergency. Our Commander trolleys and stands are capable of holding fire and safety signage, notices, fire escape plans and company branding.

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