In some industry sectors, including hospitality or high-end retail, the aesthetic appearance of the premises is important.  However, this must not compromise the safety aspect of the building, including fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers.  That’s why the Contempo range from Hartson Fire is so popular among these industries as these metallic-finished extinguishers can complement any environment – combining safety with style.

The Hartson Fire Contempo Range

Contempo is an exclusive range of fire extinguishers made by the leading manufacturer, Commander and supplied to Hartson Fire by Checkfire.

These extinguishers come in three, attractive, metallic finishes which are ideal for environments where appearance and aesthetics are all important. We all know that fire extinguishers are usually bright red in colour to make them easily visible.  However, we understand that red extinguishers don’t always fit the aesthetic of every business environment. Our Contempo range offers the highest standards of fire ratings and performance whilst still complementing the smartest of interiors through a selection of different finishes as follows:

  • The Contempo Antique Copper fire extinguishers feature a stunning hand-finish that offer the perfect complement to a traditional or historical venue. They come with matching brushed antique copper tubular stands and ID signs, an elegant solution to fire defence
  • For a more modern look, the Contempo Stainless Steel range of extinguishers offer a sleek appearance that are very popular with luxury hotels, wedding venues and bars and restaurants. Our customers can choose from a wide range of models, including foam, CO2 and water fire extinguishers, with 9ltr units also available in Contempo Stainless Steel finishes.
  • For something a bit different, the Contempo Polished Gold range of fire extinguishers are the height of luxury and are perfect for any environment where customers expect an exclusive or high-end service. With a wide selection of models, our customers have peace of mind knowing that their business is compliant with fire safety regulations while enhancing the aesthetic aspect of their premises.

Complementary Signs and Stands

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) requires the responsible person to install and maintain adequate fire safety equipment signs, which in the case of fire extinguishers includes fire extinguisher ID signs to clearly show the fire extinguisher symbol, the type of fire extinguisher and the classes of fire it can and cannot be used on.

At Hartson Fire, we also offer fire extinguisher ID signs in antique copper, stainless steel and polished gold finishes, helping our customers to maintain stylistic continuity in every aspect of their fire safety equipment, while complying with the RRFSO and protecting lives.

What’s more, British Standards require fire safety equipment to be protected from accidental damage or vandalism and requires the use of fire extinguisher stands for increased stability and security. With Contempo, our customers can choose from a series of robust and stylishly designed Antique Copper, Stainless Steel and Polished Gold tubular stands to perfectly complement the Contempo range of extinguishers.  These include both single and double stands and include a designated space for a matching fire extinguisher ID sign.

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The Hartson Fire Contempo range is the perfect solution for businesses which need to maintain a high-end aesthetic in their premises.  

These extinguishers come in a variety of sizes and types according to the fire risks and hazards at your workplace.

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