Whilst we also love to let our hair down, kick back and enjoy the Summer, whether it be a caravan / camping break or simply enjoying a bbq with our family and friends, remember a few small safety tips to keep yourself and family well protected.

To ensure you have an afternoon / evening to remember (for the right reasons), make sure you are well prepared & well equipped. Safely position your bbq on a flat surface, away from flammable objects and do not leave unattended, ensuring you keep little hands well away. Wait until you’ve finished cooking, close the lid and let the barbecue burn itself out. Let it cool down before cleaning, and avoid pouring water over it to prevent scalding steam.

Keep yourself and your caravan safe from fire, and comply with all caravan site regulations with our range of caravan fire extinguishers for mounting inside your mobile home. A fire blanket is also an essential safety item. Have an enjoyable stay and make sure that you are protected against a fire disaster with a caravan fire extinguisher.

  • A fire can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds
  • In England alone, an average of 27000 fires are started on grass – that’s 73 per day. Over 360 caravan fires were reported last year

Protect yourself on the go

Why not have a small powder fire extinguisher or aerosol multipurpose extinguisher for your vehicle or boat? The small, compact 600g aerosol unit is a domestic appliance that does not require any maintenance or ongoing servicing. These appliances are ideal for A, B & C fire types, and you simply throw away if used. There is also a domestic aerosol appliance which would be suitable for small kitchen/cooker fires – specifically for fats and cooking oils (A, B & F fires).

Any of these 4 products would make a great addition to your caravan, camping, mobile home or barbecue kit:

Fire bucket filled with sand

Fire blanket

2kg Powder Fire Extinguisher

Aerosol ABF Fire Extinguisher