fire extinguisher cover As Autumn nights start to draw in, we know that winter is just around the corner.  That means colder weather with the possibility of freezing temperatures.  Bearing this in mind and to be sure you are prepared for winter, if you store any fire extinguishers outdoors or in unheated rooms, then you need to think about protecting them from cold and freezing weather.   It is important to ensure that, in the case of a fire, then your extinguisher will be in full working order and not frozen solid or full of rust.

So, what can you do to protect your fire safety equipment?  The team at Hartson Fire has come up with the following suggestions to ensure you are ready for whatever the weather may bring.

Fire Extinguisher Covers and Jackets

The most cost-effective way of keeping your fire extinguisher protected from the elements is to invest in a fire extinguisher cover.  These covers purchased from us cost just £6.45 for small size and £7.95 for the large size and will keep your equipment dry and covered from the rain to prevent corrosion.

Our covers are made from quality PVC with a clear viewing panel so you can identify the correct fire extinguisher should you have several different types in place.  They give full protection in a harsh environment and the Velcro fastening make it easy to remove the cover in case of an emergency

These covers can be used to cover extinguishers which are fitted onto walls. In fact, a cover can be left on all year round as they are effective in the prevention of any tampering or accidental damage as well as free from dust and debris.

Similar to covers, fire extinguisher jackets are also great protection from the weather but tend to be used in specific environments such as a garage workshops or construction sites to protect equipment from sparks and flames. 

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Fire extinguisher cabinet Another option is to purchase a cabinet to protect your fire extinguisher from potential damage or of any kind, including bad weather conditions.  Though more expensive than a cover, with prices from £65, they are solid, durable, long-lasting and shatter proof.

Our cabinets come with weather seals which protect them from rain, snow and ice as well as preventing unnecessary corrosion.  Cabinet can be use both indoor and out, can also be fitted to walls and can be alarmed and locked too.  These security measures won’t hamper the use of an extinguisher in case of a fire as keys are visible and accessible from the front of the cabinet.

Hartson Fire

As well as fire extinguishers, at Hartson Fire we stock a range of fire equipment accessories including covers, jackets and cabinets as well as stands, trolleys, fire buckets and key boxes.  These products can be ordered directly from us by calling the number below or ordered online: