Though the statistics for death from fires in Wales is improving year on year, the number of people sustaining injuries is on the rise (read more here).

Explains Victoria Hartson, from Hartson Fire:

To protect your family and your home from the risk of fire, it’s a sensible idea to have a home safety plan that focuses on both preventing fires and responding to a fire should one occur. In addition to a working smoke alarm, fire extinguishers are an important part of this plan. You should place at least one powder aerosol fire extinguisher on each floor of your home as well as in or near your garage. You should also invest in a cooking fire extinguisher for the kitchen.

Common Causes of Home Fires

The most common causes of household fires are smoking, unattended cooking equipment and dirty grill pans. Overheating microwaves, overloaded electric sockets and in particular phones and laptops left charging for too long are also major causes of household fires.

These fires can devastate lives and homes, but the good news is that most fires that occur in the home are suppressible (think this is a better word) preventable by a small investment in aerosol fire extinguishers.

You can also take some other simple measures to help prevent a fire including ensuring cigarettes are fully extinguished; keeping grill pans clean; keeping your hobs clear; and never leaving a pan unattended on your hob. You should also avoid leaving mobile phones and laptops charging for extended periods and be careful you don’t overload sockets.

Using Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

These fire extinguishers should be readily accessible as during a fire is not the time to be moving boxes and other stuff to get to the extinguisher. You also need to check your fire extinguishers regularly to make sure they are properly pressurized.

If there is a fire, your natural instincts may be to put it out immediately. For small fires your natural instincts may be right but because fires can spread so rapidly, before using a fire extinguisher make sure you alert everyone else in the home, instruct someone to call the fire department and have a clear exit path in case you need to get out of your home quickly.

If the fire is spreading, if there is too much smoke or if your instincts tell you it is not safe, get out. If you do use an aerosol fire extinguisher always aim at the base of the fire and sweep side to side.

Always remember your safety and the safety of your family is the number one priority in a fire. Things can be replaced but lives are lost forever.

Hartson Fire

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