Tubular standsLike any workplace, it’s important for cosmetic, hair and beauty salons to ensure their clients, employees and premises are safe from the risk of fire.  In general, salons tend to be considered low risk as they tend to be smaller premises where the staff know the building well and would be able to guide customers outside in the case of a fire.  However, all salons use a lot of electrical equipment such as dryers, straighteners, laser machines, waxing pots and many more.  As a result, there is a risk of possible electricity overload which in itself could cause a fire, particularly if electrical equipment is not regularly PAT tested.

As a result, at Hartson Fire, when working with salon owners, we always recommend that each level of the salon should have two fire extinguishers:  a foam or water one for carbonaceous fires (ie those involving materials such as paper or fabric) and a CO2 extinguisher for electrical fires. We don’t advise using dry powder extinguishers in a salon as they are mainly used on flammable liquid fires and will make a terrible mess.

 Fire signage is also important to indicate the alternative means of escape. This is particularly important if the premises is large and on several floors.  

In addition, salon staff should undertake fire training at least once a year. This training could be delivered at staff meetings where the staff are made aware of the different extinguishers, evacuation procedure and how to ensure that the customers have left the building in a safe manner.

 Fire Safety at the Cosmetik Clinic

At Hartson Fire, we work with a number of salons of all types across South West Wales.  One of these is the Cosmetik Clinic which is situated in a recently refurbished church in Swansea.  The building has been finished to an incredibly high standard with extensive thought and emphasis placed on decor.

Following the guidelines in the fire risk assessment, we recommended the installation of Foam and CO2 extinguishers which are suitable for dealing with fires of combustible materials and several oils and flammable liquids in the salon as well as computer equipment used for diary systems, payment machines etc. 

After a discussion with the owner, Sian Batcup, we recognised immediately that the fire safety equipment and signage needed to be in line with high standard of décor inside the salon.  We were able to install our top of the range Commander Contempo Stainless Steel Foam and CO2 extinguishers and display stands in all public areas, including the main reception area and the entrance to the spa area. The spa houses two floatation tanks with different salts added and run by pumps. It was requested by the fire officer that a Co2 and Foam extinguisher be used to cover this area, again to combat the chances of pumps and chemicals igniting. 

We also installed both types of extinguishers in the stairwell leading to the yoga studio. This is also used as a fire escape so it was important that should a fire occur, Sian’s customers would be able to escape in a safe manner. 

The clinic also has an office and a kitchen with additional electrical equipment therefore a Co2 supplied to cover both along with a fire blanket.

Commenting on the guidance and products provided by Hartson Fire, Sian Batcup, the Cosmetik Clinic owner said, “the engineer at Hartson Fire, Leigh, not only gave us advice on the location of the extinguishers following a fire risk assessment but were able to install attractive, non-intrusive extinguishers in a stainless steel finish that complemented the high standard of our  salon décor. The stands too are in the same finish and look shiny and smart in their individual locations as well as giving us the assurance that we have the right equipment in place should a fire occur.  It was great to have a choice of finishes and Leigh understood immediately that design and colour were important to us along with location and appropriateness of the equipment.  We would highly recommend Hartson Fire to all salon owners. They don’t just have the expertise in terms of advice on equipment, but they work with you to ensure all requirements are met.”

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