Safety EquipmentAs Covid-19 lockdown measures start to ease, many commercial business owners will be making essential changes to how premises, staffed and managed ahead of re-opening. At Hartson Fire,  we understand that control measures to protect against coronavirus are crucial, but fire safety should also remain a priority to avoid unnecessary incidents or disasters.

We are also fully aware that different types of buildings, including those like the Bay Studios in Swansea which have been re-purposed as a field hospital, will have different fire safety guidelines.  If you’re not 100% sure what you should do in your specific building, this information is available on the UK Government’s website here.

Essential Fire Safety Equipment

If you’re making arrangements to return to work after lockdown, it’s important to ensure your fire safety equipment is in full working order and has been serviced prior to employees coming back or opening your doors to customers and visitors.

Firstly, check that your fire extinguishers and fire alarms are in good working condition and that they have undergone the regular tests you carry out during normal operations.

If your systems are due for maintenance by your supplier’s engineers, then double check with them what measures they have in place to maintain social distancing rules.  For example, at Hartson Fire, we offer clients the opportunity to book servicing at times when there are a minimum amount of people in the building to help with this issue.  It’s important not to delay any equipment servicing deadlines as this could result in faulty or ineffective equipment being in place as well as having potential impact on your buildings insurance policy.

Buildings in Temporary Use

If your commercial premises is in  temporary use, the same rules apply as for all buildings and all extinguishers should be checked regularly if the building is operational.

If temporary staff and volunteers are using the building ensure they are aware of the emergency fire procedures.

Empty Buildings

If your commercial premises remains closed, then there are still some measures you need to take to prevent a fire occurring in the building.  These include:

  • Ensuring all fire doors are closed
  • Isolating utilities and machinery which is not in use
  • Checking that fire alarms and other fire safety equipment is in full working order.

Hartson Fire

During lockdown, Hartson Fire has continued to support new and existing clients with the provision of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment as well as servicing of this equipment by our fully trained engineers.

If you’re planning to re-open your business in the coming weeks, or want to make sure that your re-purposed or empty building are safe from fire, call us today on the number below for information or guidance.  Alternatively, you can see our full range of fire safety products and other services here

Safety equipment