In the realm of workplace safety, few hazards are as potentially devastating as fires. Not only can they cause significant property damage, but they also pose a serious threat to the lives of employees. Fortunately, by implementing proactive fire prevention measures, businesses can greatly reduce the risk of fires breaking out and mitigate their impact if they do occur.

Hartson Fire would like to share three key aspects of fire prevention in the workplace: fire extinguisher installation, signage, and servicing. These elements are crucial components of any comprehensive fire safety strategy.

Fire Extinguisher Installation: The First Line of Defence

Fire extinguishers are essential tools for quickly extinguishing small fires before they have a chance to escalate into larger, more dangerous blazes. Properly installed and strategically placed extinguishers can significantly reduce the spread of fire and minimise damage to property.

When installing fire extinguishers in your workplace, consider the following tips:

  • Identify Fire Hazard Areas: Conduct a thorough assessment of your workplace to identify areas where fire hazards are most likely to occur. These may include kitchens, electrical rooms, or areas with flammable materials.
  • Select the Right Extinguishers: Different types of fires require different types of extinguishers. Ensure that you have the appropriate extinguishers for the types of hazards present in your workplace, such as Class A, B, or C extinguishers.
  • Ensure Accessibility: Place extinguishers in easily accessible locations where employees can quickly reach them in the event of a fire. Mount them on walls or place them on designated stands, making sure they are clearly visible and unobstructed.
  • Provide Training: Proper training is essential for employees to effectively use fire extinguishers. Offer regular training sessions to familiarise employees with the types of extinguishers available, their proper use, and any specific protocols for your workplace.

Signage: Guiding Employees to Safety

Clear and visible signage plays a crucial role in guiding employees to safety during a fire emergency. Properly placed signs can help individuals locate fire extinguishers, emergency exits, and evacuation routes, ensuring a swift and orderly evacuation.

Here are some tips for effective signage in your workplace:

  • Use Universal Symbols: Employ universally recognised symbols and images to convey important safety information, especially for employees who may not speak the primary language used in your workplace.
  • Ensure Visibility: Place signs in well-lit areas and at eye level to maximise visibility. Avoid cluttering signage and ensure that they stand out against the background for easy identification.
  • Mark Extinguisher Locations: Install signs indicating the location of fire extinguishers near each extinguisher station. These signs should be highly visible and include clear directional arrows pointing to the extinguisher's location.
  • Include Evacuation Routes: In addition to fire extinguisher signage, clearly mark evacuation routes and emergency exits throughout your workplace. Use illuminated exit signs where necessary and ensure that paths to exits are unobstructed.

Servicing: Maintaining Fire Safety Equipment

Regular maintenance and servicing are essential for ensuring that fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, remains in optimal working condition. Neglecting maintenance can render extinguishers ineffective when they are needed most, putting lives and property at risk.

Follow these guidelines to keep your fire safety equipment in top shape:

  • Schedule Regular Servicing: Establish a schedule for inspecting and servicing fire extinguishers at least once a year, as recommended by fire safety regulations. Consider partnering with a certified fire protection company, like Hartson Fire, to conduct thorough servicing and maintenance.
  • Check Pressure Gauges: Inspect the pressure gauges on extinguishers regularly to ensure they are within the recommended operating range. Low pressure may indicate a leak or other issue that requires immediate attention.
  • Verify Accessibility: Periodically review the placement of fire extinguishers to ensure they remain easily accessible and unobstructed. Adjust their locations as needed to accommodate changes in your workplace layout.

Hartson Fire Workplace Fire Safety Tips – At a Glance



Conduct Thorough Risk Assessments

Identify fire hazards, assess risks, and implement appropriate control measures. Review assessments regularly.

Ensure Proper Fire Safety Equipment

Install smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and other relevant fire safety equipment.

Maintain Good Housekeeping

Keep workspaces clean and tidy, remove clutter, and properly store flammable materials.

Electrical Safety

Repair or replace faulty electrical equipment, avoid overloading outlets, and regularly inspect and test electrical systems.

Appoint Fire Wardens

Designate responsible individuals to oversee fire safety procedures and assist with evacuations.

Provide Fire Safety Training

Educate employees on fire hazards, emergency protocols, and how to use fire safety equipment.

Practice Evacuation Drills

Regularly conduct fire drills to ensure all staff know how to respond effectively in an emergency.

Maintain Clear Escape Routes

Ensure fire exits, corridors, and stairways are unobstructed and properly marked.

Annual Servicing

Ensure all fire safety equipment and, in particular extinguishers, are serviced annually by a professional, BAFE registered company


Hartson Fire

By prioritising fire extinguisher installation, signage, and servicing, businesses can significantly enhance workplace safety and reduce the risk of fire-related incidents. Remember, fire prevention is a collective responsibility that requires ongoing vigilance and proactive measures from all employees.

Investing in robust fire safety measures not only protects your employees and property but also safeguards the long-term viability of your business.  If you are unsure about your business’s fire safety equipment and procedures, then call the team at Hartson Fire today for advice and guidance on the number below: