When it comes to the construction industry health and safety is all important and that includes fire safety as well all of the other issues you have to consider.  More than any other industry, construction sites are full of potential fire risks. From hot works to heaters to flammable materials throughout the site area, these sites have many potential risks when it comes to an accidental fire.

You can read about the legal requirements for a construction site and the type of fire safety equipment you need in a previous blog we have written here.

Importance of Safety Signage

Along with this all-important fire safety equipment such as extinguishers and alarms, fire safety signage is also very important on a construction, particularly if it is a large development with multiple floors.

Fire safety signage is the only effective way that construction sites can ensure workers, sub-contractors and visitors know what to do and where to go in the event of a fire.  In fact, along with having the right equipment and training of key personnel, safety signage plays a huge part when it comes to saving lives in any location, and a construction site is no exception.

The most important signs you will need to invest in for a construction site include:

  • Emergency exit routes with appropriate arrows indicating the safest way out of the building
  • Push bar signs to show how to open fire doors
  • Assembly points which should be at a safe distance from the site should a fire occur
  • Fire alarm points so anyone can see immediately where to press the alarm should a fire occur
  • Fire extinguisher or fire blanket signs to indicate the location of fire-fighting equipment,

It’s also a good idea to have fire action posters at strategic points across the site so anyone, including visitors, can see instantly what they need to do in case of a fire.

Changing Safety Signage

As construction sites can change rapidly as the site develops, it’s very important that the location of the safety signage is adjusted accordingly.   For example, fire escape routes and exits may change as  areas of the building work is completed.   Also, as construction sites are traditionally full of dust, grime and other debris, it’s equally as important to ensure that all signs are visible to everyone working on or visiting the site.

So, for a construction site, it is crucial that a responsible person is appointed to ensure all signage as well as the fire safety equipment is visible, updated and in the correct location, with assessments carried out at least once a week.

Hartson Fire

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