Fire extinguisher cabinetWhile it’s important to have the right type of fire extinguisher situated in the right place at your business premises, it’s equally as important to ensure that the equipment is protected in every way.  This would include protection from elements that can cause corrosion, accidental damage or even vandalism.  In fact, protecting fire equipment with cabinets and stands is part of the BS 5306 Standards.

Protecting Extinguishers

Once a risk assessment has been carried out and you have the right extinguishers ready to be installed in your workplace, you need to take into account how to protect the equipment prior to installation in order to meet the standards required.

Any extinguishers which are stored outdoors or in any type of damp atmosphere can become corroded and so unsafe to use.  That’s why business owners need to take steps to protect the equipment prior to installation.

If extinguishers are placed in public places, which in some instances they will need to be, then they are risk from accidental damage or vandalism.  Some examples include in industrial settings, schools and venues such as hotels, restaurants, pubs and even cinemas.   Even minor tampering or damage can result in fire equipment becoming inoperable. 

Stands and CabinetsI

It’s a business owner’s responsibility to take measures to reduce the risk of Fire extinguisher standextinguishers becoming corroded, damaged, vandalised or even stolen.  That’s why fire stands and cabinets are so important when it comes to investment in fire extinguisher equipment to keep your premises safe.  Not only will a stand or cabinet protect equipment from accidental damage, but they can also act as a deterrent from vandalism and misuse, including accidental damage. Like with your fire extinguishers, its important to use BS standard cabinets or stands to ensure you can avoid damage or abuse.

Hartson Fire

At Hartson Fire, we offer a rang of cabinets and stands including double and single, lockable cabinets along with stands which are free standing or on wheels.  These essential accessories are strong and tough, designed to keep damage at bay but still allowing easy access in case of a fire.  The free-standing models are ideal for locations where there’s not enough space to fit a bracket to the wall.  We also stock tubular extinguisher stands which offer a modern solution for fire equipment security.

Our cabinets are made from materials that help to protect against the elements and are ideal if equipment needs to be installed outdoors.  It’s important to invest in a lockable cabinet for extra protection with a viewing panel for ease of identification (along with relevant signage which we can also provide).

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