Different industries have their own types of fire hazards according to the specific sector and the risks they face during their course of day-to-day operations, and the hospitality sector is no different.  So, the team at Hartson Fire has identified the top causes of fires in the hospitality sector and what measures can be taken to prevent them from happening.,

Facilities & Equipment

Whether you are running a hotel, a restaurant, a café, a wedding venue or any other hospitality setting, a working kitchen presents a number of fire hazards that can escalate if not properly monitored. From flames on a hob to cooking oils and electrical equipment like fridges and freezers, there’s potential for several different types of fire to break out.

To prevent these fires from happening, it’s important that all staff members are properly trained in how to deal with a fire, including how to use extinguishers and that they aware of the potential fire hazards in a kitchen.

It’s equally important to ensure that the correct types of fire extinguisher have been installed and are easily accessible. Another tip is to be vigilant with the storage and organisation of flammable materials like oils, towels and paper products which shouldn’t be stored near open flames or areas where they could be vulnerable to ignition.

Wherever there is electrical equipment, there is a risk of an electrical fire. In fact, all it takes is faulty wiring to start a fire.

The most effective way of protecting yourself from electrical fire is by scheduling regular Portable Appliance (PAT) testing for your electrical equipment. PAT testing ensures that your appliances will be thoroughly inspected by an expert, who will assess whether or not the appliance is safe. If it is safe, a sticker will be applied certifying as much, with the date of the test clearly displayed. If it isn’t safe, the appliance will either need to be repaired or replaced.

Smoking Hazards

Despite the smoking ban in all hospitality venues across the UK, smoking can still be considered to be a fire hazard.  Though the risk of interior fires is lower these days than it used to be, staff or customers smoking outside can still cause an issue if cigarette butts are not disposed of properly.

Having in place designated, clear, spacious smoking areas outside, and ensuring cigarette bins are nearby for easy, safe disposal of cigarette butts will help to prevent fires from occurring.

Safe & Uncluttered Exit Routes

Clear exit routes are absolutely vital to the fire safety of any property as in the event of a fire, people need to be able to leave the property quickly and safely to minimise panic and the risk of injury.

If exit routes are cluttered, they can not only prevent this from happening, but they are also a fire risk in themselves. Storing boxes, rubbish or other materials near a fire exit might be the easiest thing to do, but these items can catch fire easily and quickly, leaving you very little time to react and will block vital escape routes.

That’s why it’s so important to keep exit routes clear at all times with designated safe areas for the storage of waste and other materials, which also need to be regularly checked.

Having in place appropriate fire safety signage is also important to ensure the safe exit from a building should a fire occur.

Arson & Vandalism

Unfortunately, no matter how many fire safety precautions you take, there’s always a chance that someone will try to start a fire on purpose. Arson attacks are the most serious forms of deliberate fire starting, but something comparatively less serious like a small bin fire can easily spread and become catastrophic if not dealt with quickly and properly.  What’s more, in some instances, your fire safety equipment such as your extinguishers, could be subjected to vandalism which means they would be damaged and not in working order should a fire occur.

To protect your fire extinguishers from vandalism and damage by investing in a box, cabinet or jacket. These will also keep your equipment safe from bad weather conditions as well as potential harm.

Hartson Fire

At Hartson Fire, we work with a number of businesses in the hospitality sector providing fire extinguishers for kitchens as well as other areas of the business.  We also supply fire safety signage and a range of boxes, cabinets and covers to protect your extinguishers.

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